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Below are the Rosters for the Upcoming
12v12 FALL FEAR on Saturday, October 28th

**Players should roster for their listed team below. Rosters are subject to change up until the tournament.
**If your name is listed and you are not attending the tournament please email Melissa (melissa@laxplusclub.com)

Please download Tourney Machine app to your phones
App allows you to track your teams schedule and progress


MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR: Community Teamwork - Coats for Kids
Its hard to believe that we have had 80 degree days this October, but we are prepping for the change!  With winter fast approaching, we want to help keep MA kids warm.  We will be hosting a drive at the Fall Fear to help provide warm winter clothing to those in need.  New England winters are cold.  Community Teamwork partners with Anton’s Cleaners to provide winter coats and other winter clothing to local families.  The program is seeking gently used winter coats, boots, hats, and mittens/gloves.  We will have a collection tent near the main pavilion.  


LP 2024/25 Coaches: Mackenzie Paolini Ciara Dudeck
Jersey First Name Last Name
20 Summer Tabard
29 Loulla Rousou
31 Alex Loo
37 Breanna Upton
51 Jordan Nuzzolilli
54 Cecelia Nelson
63 Kelsey Harnois
65 Marissa Pinkham
71 Hannah Kozik
72 Katie Murphy
73 Alexandra Emery (Game 1 Only)
79 Addison Aubin
83 Kaitlyn Boone
84 Kavya Ramasamy
85 Gabriella Ritter
92 Molly Hornyak
86-G Rylee Welch
89-G Briann Lee Morin
LP 2023 Coaches: Jill Kowalik Ashley Piper
Jersey First Name Last Name
3 Emily Brais
4 Ava Doyle
6 Chloe Denhart (Game 1&2 Only)
7 Olivia Mistretta
8 Eloise Ruberti (Game 1&2 Only)
9 Kylie Branon
11 Mollie Pacheco
16 Gillian Joseph
18 Elena Bontatibus
21 Theodora Starr
33 Maeve McConnell
68 Ava Powell
79 Regan Ryczek
81 Meghan Walsh
92 Maddox Burton
95 Izzy Epstein
96 Aria Darabi
90-G Faye Kaplinsi
LP 2022 BLACK Coaches: Heather Dobson Amy Tiernan
Jersey First Name Last Name
4 Lauren Cauley
9 Emma Cai Giang
11 Shea Harnois
12 Lauren Canata
18 Taylor Murphy
20 Juliet Scott
22 Anna Bocchino
25 Kaiya Deurloo
28 Lily Spencer
38 Emma Metcalf
41 Kyleigh Chapman
44 Aubrey Welch
57 Mallory Bartlett
61 Marissa Hermans
65 Kailey Butler
73 Emily DeGeorge
74 Regan Donohue
75 Jada Laiho
82 Kiara Rogers
86 Caroline Colton
88 Anna Zusi
92 Liliana Fox
5-G Alison Kozik
LP 2022 GREY Coaches: Marci Mullady Christa Morrison
Jersey First Name Last Name
6 Amber Upton
7 Charlotte Orr
10 Meena Goswami
19 Lily Tracy
21 Isabella McGregor
35 Abby Hotaling
43 Amina Shaban
46 Francesca Polino
54 Hannah Tyler
58 Caroline Smith
76 Olivia Poggi
77 Lina Eves
80 Ciara Franzese
81 Cassidy Ryan
84 Lia Ernest
91 Sarah Abery
93 Caitlin MacDougall
94 Mckenzie Roy
97 Hannah Skalski
97-G Christy Rech - G