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Sunday, October 14th 

Location: Devens, MA

CLICK HERE for the schedule (should be posted a week before the tournament)

CLICK HERE to register you for the tournament and sign an online waiver (this gets you in the recruiting booklet for college coaches).

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****Rosters updated at 8pm on Saturday night

LP 2021/22 White Marci Mullady
8am F8,10:30am F11, 12:10pm F13 (maybe tournament games)
Jersey # First Name Last Name  
4 Sarah Abery  
13 Ciara Franzese  
16 Meena Goswami  
21 Kaiya Deurloo  
22 Meredith Ravizza  
24 Hannah Skalski  
25 Charlotte Orr  
33 Ella Hutchins  
35 Sierra Judson  
37 Nicole Orlowski  
38 Lily Tracy  
54 Francesca Polino  
64 Cassidy Ryan  
65 Kiara Rogers  
72 Caitlin MacDougall  
73 Carly Pitruzzello  
77 Abby Hotaling  
10-G Madeleine Soukup  
2-G Anna Hadro (only games after 12pm)  
LP 2021/22 Black Christa M
8:50am F8,11:20am F1,1:50pm F12 (maybe tourn games)
Jersey # First Name Last Name  
2 Margaret O'Connor  
8 Ashley Hurley  
18 Lauren Canata  
20 Caroline Colton  
21 Ava Eklund  
27 Delaney Rodriguez-Shaw  
28 Samantha Van Horn  
29 Leah Suydam  
30 McKenzie Murphy  
32 Maggie Brian  
38 Payton Klepacki  
39 Mya Rivard  
40 Lara Finnie  
41 Juliet Scott  
42 Xamadhi Quinonez  
48 Joelle Solecki (may not make playoffs)  
56 Caroline Smith  
60 Kailey Butler (may or may not be there)  
62 Olivia Poggi  
81 Elizabeth Walsh  
97-G Mara Tellers  
LP 2020s Mac P
8am F12, 10:30am F1, 1pm F8 (than maybe tournament games)
Jersey # First Name Last Name  
2 Brieanna Bernier (leaving after the last game)  
12 Emma Wynne  
22 Hannah Holmes  
38 Chloe Chevrier  
42 Madison Roy (leaving after the 10:30 game)  
53 Ellie Masters  
56 Ilana Kofman  
57 McKenzie Lyne  
58 Natalie O'Connor  
62 Taryn Asselin  
63 Caroline Barbieri  
71 Olivia Catanzarite  
77 Jaira Paine  
84 Lila Conners  
94-G Cleo Hein  
98-G Samantha Preston  
Delaney/Lizzie/Peyton from 2021s will be there subbing for the 10:30 and 1pm game
2019/2020 Tinita
8am F3,12:10pm F12, 2:40 pm F9 (maybe tourn games)
Jersey # First Name Last Name  
1 Ashley Grant  
3 Henna Brennan  
6 Jacqueline Koziol  
8 Kylie Buchanan  
14 Campbell Nyarady  
20 Kay Conway  
25 Jenna Joseph  
46 Kaitlyn Ravizza  
51 Isabella Vargas-Blanchard  
54 Katie McMahon  
65 Hannah Drew  
74 Chloe Mamaclay  
82 Clarissa Welti  
30-G Caitlyn Joyce  
99-G Emily Oundjian