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LaxPlus Lacrosse Club has reason to be excited when talking about the upcoming 2011 summer schedule. This year the club has 11 of their graduating Seniors moving on to play lacrosse at the college level. "These players continuously worked to better their game while participating in the club. They consistently attended practices and tournaments, participated in summer recruiting camps, and worked to excel in the classroom" says Kristen Mullady, co-director of the LaxPlus program. These 11 LaxPlus graduates will be attending Boston College, Northwestern, Marist, UCONN, St. Joseph, Bates, and Union College just to name a few. The 2011 Summer season begins in June and if past practice is any indication of future results, LaxPlus looks to have a great summer on the tournament circuit. Over the past 3 years, the LaxPlus Club has over 30 of their alumni playing at the college level. This has LaxPlus players on the radar of many college coaches. In producing such quality players, the club's younger players can be assured that college coaches will be out to see them this summer. Evidence of this was seen at the recent LaxPlus Winter Clinics when coaches from UMASS, UCONN, Trinity, Harvard and Sienna were in attendance working with the LaxPlus players. Co-director Melissa Nord recognizes the value of such clinics, "This is an amazing opportunity for our players. The girls get the experience of working in a small group setting with the individual college coaches, and the coaches have the opportunity of working one on one with our players."

The younger players at LaxPlus are now witnessing firsthand the dedication and commitment it takes to become a college level lacrosse player, as well as the number opportunities there are to play at the next level. "Lacrosse is special. It is rare that a high school soccer or basketball player will have the same recruiting opportunities that a lacrosse player will have." says Mullady. Soccer and basketball players at the high school level often find themselves in a saturated market. "We have seen players in one sport do well, and then excel in the game of lacrosse when it comes to being noticed by college coaches" says Nord. "There is still a process to the recruiting game however. You need to do more than just show up for the tournaments. You need to make a commitment to your team. You need to show up for practices, attend clinics, and recruiting camps, and pull your weight in the classroom" reflects Nord.

LaxPlus is going into their 6th year and their expertise and knowledge of transitioning from the high school to the college game is an added bonus for their club members. Kristen Mullady is the current Springfield College Women's coach, and has many connections in the college coaching ranks. Melissa Nord was a Division 1 scholarship player at the University of Connecticut. As an Upstate New York transplant here in Connecticut, she continues to watch the game of lacrosse grow in the area. "I hope that my one year old daughter is able to have the experience I had growing up playing the game. It is my goal to foster the growth of the sport to a level such as that of the Upstate New York area". In looking at the success of LaxPlus in just six seasons, that is fast becoming a reality. The LaxPlus Lacrosse Club has teams for players in grades 5th-11th. Ongoing high school and youth sign-ups are taking place.