As of  June 1st of 2022-Lax Plus has updated our recruiting services. We are excited to roll this out as an other option, as we continue to stay up to date with the latest on the recruiting process.

All Lax Plus returning players have access to Sports Recruits and new players will receive an email to get access to Sports Recruits. Sports Recruits is our software system that assists players and families in the recruiting process.

Director of Recruiting:

Kristen Mullady (

Tier One Recruiting (basic support-included in cost):

Kelly Gallo (

Tier Two Recruiting (extra cost):

Jenn Thomas (


 TIER 1-Basic support-included in cost

 TIER 2-Summer or Full Year Decision-extra cost (info below)

  Tier Two payment for Fall 2022-Due by Sunday,  September 20th. Email to reserve a spot for Fall 2022 recruiting services.

(Holiday Weeks - Off)

(June 1 - August 1)

(September 1 - November 13-EXTENDED TO NOVEMBER 30th-2022)

(December 1 - February 1)

                 CLICK HERE for the recruiting options powerpoint

                 CLICK HERE for the recruiting options zoom-held in May-2022