Player Evaluations

Player Evaluation Timeline:

All pre-evaluations need to be completd by June 30th, 2022.

Start issuing post-evaluations and holding meetings the last week of practice.

All post evalations must be completed and in each player's folders by the last tournament.

Coach's Assigned to Complete Pre-Evaluations:

If your name is listed below, you are responsible for completing pre-evaluations for the members of that team. You need to complete the form and then have quick 60 second individual meetings with each player during practice. (See timeline below for the dates this must be completed by.)


2028/29 White: Allie G.

2028/29 Black: Melissa

2026/27 White: Courtney

2026/27 Black: Ky

High School Black: Kristen

High School Blue: Ky

High School White: Emily

Goalies: Michelle & Gina


 **Player evaluation folders will not be ready until Sunday, June 19th at 10pm.**

Directions for Completing Pre & Post Evaluations:

1. Click on player evaluation folders below.

2. Locate your player's graduation year.

3. Locate your player's folder.

4. Fill out the appropriate form (Pre-eval or Post-eval).

5. Then hold individualized meetings with each player.

Coach's Evaluations

Located below you will find links to blank coach's evaluation forms and a cheat sheet to help you understand the information that will be used to evaluate your performance.