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Directions for Player Evaluations


Step One: Download Team Genius from your app store.

Step Two: Read all directions and then watch the videos below and follow the directions to complete your team evaluations.

Access Code: (TBA in Fall)

**Make sure to select your correct team before starting the evaluation**

**Any questions text or see Jill. 860-534-0988**

Scoring Goalies: There is a specific section on the evaluation form for goalies. You should also score the goalies on other criteria that apply. (i.e. coachability or lax IQ).

All Players: Leave any criteria that does not apply blank. It will not calculate in the overall score.

IMPORTANT! If you accidentally score a criterion that does not apply, swipe the cell from right to left and click delete. It will officially delete the score, not the criterion. If  you do not delete it, the player will receive a score of 0, instead of an n/a.


Timeline for Player Evaluations


Set up Team Genius and make sure you understand how to evaluate (TEST IT OUT!)


Begin evaluating players during practice time using Team Genius App. (Developmental players are not being evaluated.)


All High School player evaluations are due.


All youth player evaluations are due.

**Player/Coach in-person meetings are by request only. Players must request in person 7 days before evaluations are due.


Coach Evaluations

At the end of each season, coaches will be evaluated by a director or other appointed qualified staff member. Coaches will be evaluated in Team Genius just like players are evaluated. See below for the criteria coaches will be evaluated on.

Any questions please reach out to Kristen @ 860-881-9628 or