Lacrosse Terminology

Offensive Calls/Communication

"GLE"=Goal line extended
"X"=behind the cage
"Y"=outside of the 8m
"SLOW BREAK"-Transition situation where no clear break has been established. However, defense is not set and reacting to play
"FAST BREAK"-Transition situation where offense is clearly a man up
"U TURN"=Once the ball crosses into the opposite 30 and the ball gets thrown back towards the middle of the field instead of progressing through X. This is not a positive situation.
"STICK"=Designates at what time a play will be initiated "Next STICK on Maggie". Meaning looking to get the ball in Maggie's stick to create an opportunity to score
"Pop Out"=be an option for the player with the ball on the perimeter (outside the 15m) or on the field. Support player pops out and asks for ball with her OUTSIDE HAND.
“Elevate/ Separation”=create more space for your dodge by stepping away from defender/goal
"Widen Out"=A movement by the attacker with the ball that creates distance between the on ball defender and the nearest slide to be able to dodge.
"Drag"=A back pedal movement with the ball to try and draw defenders/create confusion. Typically used in odd man or zone situations.
"Carry"=A forward movement with the ball to try to draw defenders/create confusion. Typically used in odd man or zone situations. Example would be a skip pass to the backside and offensive player trying to create shooting space.
"Backdoor"=when you see the back of your defender's head ("ponytail"), cut to goal
“Clear Through”=cut through when your teammate can drive to goal or ask for the ball off your shoulder
"Cheat In"=Pre-emptive movement to create space as well as gaining your defender's attention
“Fade”=Movement away from the ball carrier to create space to allow teammate to dodge into or to stretch defensive slides
"Spy"=Player who is placed in between the dodger and the goal. Will read and react to dodge
"Backside"=The side opposite the balls current position
“Transfer”=Moving the ball to the backside out of a dodge. One of the two outlet players will be responsible for transferring the ball "QUICKLY" to the backside
"One More"=Used to let teammate know you are in a better position than them and they should move the ball "one more time" to give us a better opportunity to score
"Exchange"=An off ball movement on the opposite side of ball. Exchange positions with your adjacent teammate to avoid standing for too long.
“Draw and Dump"=Draw a defender and dump to a teammate
"Follow the Slide”=If your defender helps to the ball , you must put yourself in a dangerous position.

“Redodge”=Once you dodge, attempt second time after defense reacts. Not successful=move the ball
"PICK"=Stationary pick. You can't set a blind pick, minimal movement. Set it for who you choose. Girl with ball should brush off shoulder.
SPREAD= Get bigger, focus on spacing
PICK AND ROLL=The picker rolls and the offensive player who comes off the pick.
SCREEN=Active motions (fake picks)
Keep The Ball Hot= In settled attack keep the ball moving.
Don't Shoot Fade Aways= Fade aways are shooting when your momentum is carrying you away from the cage.
Flash Cut= Flashing through the eight while transitioning and asking for the ball from X.
"Down Pipe"=Using the pipe as a reference to dodge/cut with
"Parking Lot"=Anywhere on the field where you are NOT a threat to your defender


Special Offensive Situations, Sets and Motions:

  • 2 person series (motion, flex, fly)
  • 52 and 61  (two-man game)
  • Pick and Play (Two-man game between offensive players. Will usually be preceded by two offensive players. Sometimes called by the coach.)
  • Yellow - possess the ball
  • Grey - last shot



Defensive Calls/Communication

Approach- A defender closing the gap between her and her attacker to defend
Breakdown- Using your body to defend an attacker (body low) (chest up) (chop your feet)
Contact- Using knuckles and forearms to make contact on or near the hip, the head of defender's stick should be back
Dictate- Forcing the ball carrier a certain direction

Ball=I'm defending the player with the ball
Double=I'm going to double the ball
Slide/Help=I'm leaving my player to help you because your player's going hard to goal
Help Left and Help Right= Communicating when you are next to ball
Hedge=Creeping towards your player "off ball"
Deny/Lock On=Don't let your player get the ball
Got Two=I'm covering 2 players (this is the area of weakness after a double)
Stick up Field=Placing the head of your stick pointing to the offensive end. Using the proper hand
Square up=Face the ball when you are playing defense
Crash=Everyone puts stick in shooting lane to weaken the shot
Ball Side=Examples of when a defender may want to be ball side (riding, player in the 8, cutters)
Goal Side=Defender is keeping herself between the goal and her player
Get Up Field= Examples when you would get up field (clearing, breaking out, fast break)
Get Down Field=Examples when you would get down field (preventing fast break, slowing transition, getting IN to defend)
Defending a Stack= Defenders communicating LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER (looking at the stack)
Defending a Screen= Switch on a screen (Communicating LEFT and RIGHT)
Crosse Crease Slide=Defender traveling through or around the crease (depending on the rules) to help defend another player
Head-to-Head=A defender moving her body to mirror the head of her stick with the other attacker's head of her stick

Special Defensive Situations:

  • RED=Man up-sending doubles
  • BLACK=needs the ball back at the end of a game-losing
  • ZEBRA=ZONE=Man down on defense