Lax Plus is highly involved with the recruiting process. Each player is provided one on one assistance with one of our Lax Plus recruiting coordinators. As you move through your high school years, the Lax Plus staff will continue to educate and guide you through the recruiting process. There will be informational sessions held throughout the year discussing the Division I, II, and III recruiting process.


Kristen Mullady (Co-Director Lax Plus/Head Womens' Coach, Springfield College):

Kristen, the founder of Lax Plus Club Lacrosse, has been the Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Springfield College since 2009. As a former standout for Springfield’s women’s lacrosse team, Kristen still holds SC’s all-time record for points in a season, and ranks fifth all-time in career points. Mullady has been honored as the NEWMAC Coach of the Year three times since becoming head coach (2011,2015, and 2017). She has lead the pride to three NCAA appearances, with 2016 being Springfield's first ever NCAA Sweet 16 appearance, and highest ranking as no. 10 in the DIII national standings according to Lacrosse Magazine. She has coached numerous players to recieve All-Conference, All-Region, and Player of the Year Awards.

Kristen re-entered the collegiate coaching ranks in 2009 after spending several years coaching high school and youth lacrosse in Connecticut. In addition to being the girl’s lacrosse coach for Hall High School in West Hartford, Kristen was named the President of the Connecticut High School Coaches Association for high school lacrosse for the spring of 2009, and has coached the U-15 Connecticut Select Team multiple times since 2000. On the college level, Kristen also once served as the head coach for the Division I Central Connecticut State University women’s lacrosse program.

In addition to Lax Plus and her position at Springfield College, Kristen is still involved in a variety of camps in the area. Since 2003, she has been the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator as well as the Director of Field Hockey and Lacrosse at Sportsworld, in East Windsor, CT.

Steve Dudeck (Head Girls' Coach, Longmeadow High School):
Steve is the current head girls' lacrosse coach at Longmeadow High School, and has played an integral role in the Lax Plus Program for a number of years. Since he started coaching at Longmeadow, Steve has coached multiple U.S. Lacrosse All-Americans and has had numerous players go on to play at such schools as Harvard University, Duke University, Boston College, Vermont, Columbia University, Cornell University, Union College, Holy Cross, Springfield College, American University, Colby College, and Trinity College. He is extremely well connected with college coaches at all levels, and is looking forward to working with our players..




*Access to all college coaches with the most updated contact information at your fingertips
*Build your list of schools using the SportsRecruits search engine
*Never get lost in the process...our recruiting coordinators are able to track your progress every step of the way
*Set up a player profile and showcase your talents with unlimited video uploading 



Lax Plus utilizes the recruiting software Sports Recruits which assist each player in the recruiting process and allow our recruiting coordinators to track each players progress. Our coordinators act as a liaison between our athletes and the college coaches at the schools they are interested in. This includes help with sending out emails to coaches, filling out questionnaires, and overall assistance as each athlete finds the best place for them at the college level. Players will receive feedback as to what level they would fit best academically and athletically for college lacrosse, as well as be provided any information from college coaches.


With that being said, it is important to understand that college coaches prefer to evaluate players in a game situation rather than read a written evaluation from a club coach. Many college coaches feel that only through watching perspective athletes play multiple times can they make valid decisions. As much as we at Lax Plus are involved in the recruiting process, college coaches have made it clear that when NCAA rules allow, they prefer to have recruiting conversations with the athlete themselves, and not parents or coaches. This is because not only must a player fit with a team athletically, but socially as well. The coach is recruiting the individual athlete, and would like to get to know them. The athlete's personality during phone conversations, emails, and interviews, will help the coach determine if that athlete will fit in with their existing team. Through these conversation the college coach will also get a sense of how well the player will be able to handle the pressures of college academics and athletics

  • Start the process early-before junior year
  • Research colleges based on academic qualifications
  • Make the initial contact with college coaches
  • Realize coaches are dealing with 500+ recruits
  • Support your daughter
  • Proofread material
  • Attend campus visits, ask questions
  • Send too much information
  • Excessively call or email coaches
  • Expect coaches to get back to you immediately
  • Allow your parents to do the work or make contact for you
  • Make contact with coach
  • Call college coach
  • Make first contact with coach at event


A sense of entitlement. Getting recruited to play in college is not something you deserve. Playing in college is something that you have to want. Commit yourself to the process.




  • Focus on grades
  • Create initial list
  • Research colleges
  • Send Cover Letter & Resume
  • Complete Online Questionnaires
  • Visit schools
  • Play summer ball
  • Attend camps and fall clinics
  • Camps during the summer going into junior year


  • Focus on grades
  • Contact college coaches before tournaments
  • Refine college list
  • Continue Online research
  • Complete Online Questionnaires


  • Focus on grades
  • Take SAT and/or ACT
  • Communication w/ coaches
  • Attennd winter camps
  • Investigate summer camps and clubs
  • Online Questionnaires
  • Focus on grades
  • SAT and/or ACT
  • Communication w/ coaches
  • Visit schools
  • Attend college games
  • Commit to Summer camp/club schedule
  • Summer tournaments/camps
  • Communication w/ coaches
  • Visit schools
  • Set up official visits


  • Do Not Stop Playing
  • Continue doing what got you where you are at!! The college level only gets harder!

Lax Plus Tips to Recruiting

  • Maintain good grades
  • Keep communication with college coaches
  • Be realistic as to what level you can play at (ask your HS and Club coaches)
  • Choose a camp that has a lot of college coaches attending
  • Don’t limit to one division (understand the difference between divisions)




  • Athletic scholarships available
  • Unofficial visits without assistance from athletic department or coaching staff prior to Sept. 1st of junior year
  • Beginning September 1st of Junior Year
    • 5 official visits with a limit of one per school
    • Unlimited unofficial visits
    • Players can contact coach at own expense
    • Coaches can call, email and/or text
    • Coaches can initiate off-campus contact at residence or high school only.


  • Athletic scholarships available
  • Players can contact the coach at their own expense
  • Beginning June 15th of your sophomore year.
    • Unlimited official and unofficial visits
    • Coaches can call, text, and/or email unlimited starting 
    • Coaches can arrange unlimited off-campus contact
    • Can have you tryout during official visit


  • Merit money available
  • Unlimited official and unofficial visits
  • Players can contact the coach at their own expense
  • Unlimited number of phone calls from coaches

Unofficial Visits

The college does not pay for you on campus
Can take unofficial visits any year of school


Official Visits

College pays for your visit to campus
DI: Can take official visits after September 1st of junior year
DII: Can take official visits after June 15th of sophomore year